Welcome to Language Arts
My name is Ms. Thomas and I am the Language Arts teacher for the Navigators. This year in language arts we will explore grammar and dive into the writing process. We will choose both interesting and fun methods to accomplish our task. In language Arts we will also concentrate on Accelerated Reader. As your teacher I plan to do the best job possible securing your understanding in 6th grade communication skills.
Supplies(specific to Language Arts):
1 folderPencils2 pens (students may only write in blue or black ink)1 highlighter



1. Students are to have the definitions for the following Parts of Speech (P.O.S) -Noun ,Verb, Adjective, interjection, preposition, adverb, conjuction, pronoun

2. Students are to develop a sentence for each part of speech and underline that particular part of speech in each sentence.orStudents are to create a short story about their favorite super hero. In this short story they must use words that can be labled and highlighted for the different parts of speech it represents. The story must be 2 paragraphs.

3. Complete grammar worksheet on the parts of speech for H.W. -Please be ready to work on your first DGP(Daily Gramma Practice) sentence Friday.

Over the past few weeks you have learned: -The Parts of speech definitions and their use Noun: Person, Place, Thing, Idea Verb: an action or state of being Pronoun: Replaces/takes the place of a noun Adjective: modifies a pronoun or noun Adverb: modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb Preposition: A word that shows a relationship between a noun and another word in the sentence Interjection: A word that represents a strong feeling Conjunction: A word that connects to a group of Words “FANBOYS” -Received and tested on you First Vocabulary Words: Breeches Envious Resist Sound Gape Splice Occasional Teem Prowess Threadbare -Students will receive their Syn & Ant vocabulary quiz back by Friday -students learn vocabulary through context clues -Spelling test on SAT words will be Friday 10-14-11 Avid Emulate Proprietor Brusque Evoke Pseudonym Concise Excruciating Rebuff Demean Inaugurate Resilient Despicable Pervade Turbulent -The classes that received their words on Monday will be tested on Friday and those that received their words any days after Monday will be tested 10-17-2011 -Students are only to spell these words for now; the work that will give explanation of their use in content will be given the following week.

Week of 10/25/11-10/28/11 Vocabulary words|| Bulge ll Community || Complaint || Hoarse(ly) || Fantastic || || Disturb || Mumble || Patient || Recite || Scowl ||

Spelling Words|| Accustom || Alert || Assign || Budge || Burly || || Companion || Compatible || Concept || Distract || Jostle || || Obedient || Obstacle || Patient || Pedestrian || Retire || || || || || || ||Final five will be chosen from last weeks words.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Students have reviewed the Parts of speech this week Noun Verb Pronoun Adjective Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection

The Sentence and its Parts: A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. Every complete sentence has two basic parts: the subject and predicate.

Subject and Predicate Complete Subject (CS): Includes all the words that tell whom or what the sentence is about. Simple Subject (SS): The main word or words in the complete subject. Complete Predicate (CP): Includes the verb and all the words that tell about the verb. Simple Predicate (SP): This is just the verb, or is the main word or words in the complete predicate.

Kinds of Sentences:Declarative: Makes a statement and always ends with a period. Interrogative: Asks a question and always ends with a question mark (?).Imperative: Tells or asks someone to do something, usually ends in a period (.) but may end in an Exclamation (!).Exclamatory: Shows strong feeling and always ends in an exclamation (!).‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

FYI: The end of the nine weeks is rapidly approaching so students should have at least 10 AR points by the end of the nine weeks. The amount of AR points students are to receive will be higher with a minimum number of tests added to AR task. (Explanatory information will come home soon)
The deadline to take AR tests is Thursday 10-28-2011 at 3pm. I will stay after school an extra 30min just for test taking.
FYI: Students are doing a great job with Vocabulary words and SAT Prep Spelling words!!!!


-Students will learn about DIrect object and indirect object
-The vocabulary and spelling test will be delayed till next week due to the progress of Daily grammar practice.
-Students will be expected to obtain 30 AR points this 9 weeks with a minimum of 4 tests taken. More information on AR will go home this next Monday.

Students can earn extra credit by bringing in Kleenex, Hand wash, baby wipes, clorox wipes, pencils, paper

Happy Monday!!!! (11/14-11/18)

Last week Hope Mills Middle School celebrated Veteran’s Day

This week Hope Millis Middle School will begin:

-Cookie Dough Fundraiser (11/14/11) – (11/28/11)

-Parent Shadow Day (11/18/ 11)

-Awareness Seminars (11/18/11)

Hope Mills Middle School will continue:

-Canned Food Drive

Due to a large amount of question pertaining to Accelerated Reader these are:

AR Guide Lines for the 2nd NINE WEEKS

  1. Students need to obtain 30 AR points
  2. Take at least 4 AR tests
  3. Books read must be at third grade level or higher
    1. To find reading level information look on the binding or inside of the book. The number should say 3.0 or higher.
    2. Take two other tests that pertain to the books already read. The test can be a literacy or vocabulary test.

Please keep in mind that an average percent for all Accelerated Reader test taken is calculated by AR web and that will be a portion of your grade.

This week we are planning to get back into vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

Words of the week are





Spelling & Vocabulary words will be chosen by students

Week of 12-5/12-9
Vocabulary Words (retest maybe available)
Spelling Words (test Monday 12-12-11)
Students will continue to review aspects of Grammar such as Parts of Speech, Direct and Indirect Object, Subject and Predicate, Prepositional phrase, (Sentence type, purpose, and form) and diagramming sentences
Vocabulary words for test on December 14th, 15th will come from the Death Watch Book
Death Watch Vocabulary

Students will receive a 200pt menu project from The City of Ember and aspects of Grammar. They will have the entire break to complete their project. Any questions students have concerning grammar can be answered on this wikispace. The top portion of my page contains definitions and expamples for all the parts of speech.
-City of ember was a movie based on a book, the students watched this movie last week. If students have issues remembers certain portions of the movie the movie can be found at movie rental stores.
-I ask all students to be as creative as possible with this menu project.
-Students should have written down my expectations while in class.
-Student presentation will be after the break.

Week January 2-6

Welcome back to school!

-This week students with be turing in their Christmas menu projects on Grammar and City of Ember. Students had all of Christmas break to complete this project. If the project is not turned in on time students will lose points everyday it is late.

-Students also need to continue their push for AR. Make sure your child is reading atleast 20min a day. AR is a substantial part of the grade.

- In language Arts and Reading students will begin units on Poetry

In language arts your student is reading DeathWatch, ask your student about it!


Ms. Thomas is Reading

Week January 9-13/2012
Students will begin presenting Christmas Menu projects this week. They are encouraged to dress fomal to aid the theme or a jazz cafe. If students did not turn in their project and were not notified otherwise it is too late to submit. The vocabulary words of the week are still the same as those before Christmas, they come from DeathWatch.

Week January 17th-20th

FYI:The Christmas Menu Presentations were wonderful for every student that completed one. I am proud to say the HMMS Navigators have a team of future public speakers.

-Makeup Work will be completed during class Thursday and Friday for those students that are missing assignments or may need extra credit toward their grade. The work will be completed in class to ensure students recieve the proper help.

-AR: students were to obtain 30pts in AR this nine weeks. They cannot add the points from the first nine weeks to obtain their total. They were to accumulate a total of 30pts for the second nine weeks alone. Students will also have a diagnostic grade this nine weeks. The diagnostic grade is the performance percentage of tests for the second nine weeks. Studentsl will also have a grade based on the number of books read for the nine weeks. They were assigned a minimum of four that were third grade level or higher. As a recap AR is worth three seperate grades in the second nine weeks.

Words to Know: All Navigator students have been taught vocabulary terms for reading. Knowing the definition to these terms and recognizing them in text will be beneficial on the EOG.

Figurative Language
More words will be added to this list

Tuesday 1-17-12 HW:LA/ is to read AR
Reading/ Compare and contrast chart on The Jacket and Pool Party

Congratulations to the Navigator Students on a successful week of SAT prep Spelling test!. Not only did we reach an all time high passing rate, but students used context clues to decipher the meanings of the words independently. Please continue to grow as independent learners.

What is RAFT?
The RAFT writing technique is a system to help students understand their role as a writer, the audience they will address, the varied formats for writing, and the expected content. It is an acronym that stands for:
  • Role of the Writer - Who are you as the writer? Are you Sir John A. Macdonald? A warrior? A homeless person? An auto mechanic? The endangered snail darter?
  • Audience - To whom are you writing? Is your audience the Canadian people? A friend? Your teacher? Readers of a newspaper? A local bank?
  • Format - What form will the writing take? Is it a letter? A classified ad? A speech? A poem?
  • Topic + strong Verb - What's the subject or the point of this piece? Is it to persuade a goddess to spare your life? To plead for a re-test? To call for stricter regulations on logging?



Week 2/27-3/2
This week students are still progressing on their Black History Month Writing Project. Students have broken down the writing prompt into R.A.F.T and are currently producing a rough draft.
Monday and Tuesday HW:Complete final draft of introductory paragraph, paragraph should include:

-3 to 5 complete sentences
-Intro sentence or attention grabber
-3 details to be elaborated on
-Thesis sentence ( sums up the reason for the paper)

Spelling/vocabulary words of the week come from With Moses To The Promise Land .

1. Yearning
2. Reluctantly
3. Bondage
4. Numerous
5. Prohibited
6. Liberate
7. Available
8. Opposed
9. Donations
10. Pursued
11. Reassured
12. Evade
13. Superiors
14. Established
15. Occasions

Homework Wednesday 2/29: Write definitions for each word and then write sentences for each word so that they reflect Black History Month Due Friday
HW Due Monday: Students need a completed rough draft of their 5 paragraph essay.

Extra Help:

  • 1st paragraph Introductory paragraph: explain what or who your essay is about and have a thesis sentence.
  • Thesis sentence: My essay will cover_1,_2,3__.
  • Note: Thesis is the last sentence of your intro paragraph
  • 2nd paragraph will give information about your first supporting detail
  • 3rd paragraph will give information about your second supporting detail
  • 4th paragraph will give information about your third supporting detail
  • 5th paragraph is your conclusion paragraph
  • Note: restate your thesis sentence in new words, and close your paper with a clever ending